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** Leggere una memoria capacitiva equivale a mettere un voltmetro ai capi dei suoi terminali per vedere se la sua tensione si trova o non si trova al disopra di un dato minimo.
Reference 1: Programmer's Reference Guide for the Commodore 64 Personal Computer, published in 1988 by Commodore Business
Machines, Inc.
*part of the microprocessor 6510's characteristics:
*For a 0 the minimum is minus 0.3 Volt, and the maximum is plus 0.3 Volt.
*For a 1 the minimum is plus 2.0 Volt, and the maximum is 1 Volt above the supply voltage which usually is about 5 Volt, but whose absolute
maximum is 7.0 Volt. Note that static electricity (by friction on the carpet for example) can cause a lot of damage and must be guarded against.
Reference 2: The Semiconductor Memory Data Book for Design Engineers, published in 1975 by Texas Instruments Inc.

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