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A history of Jewish literature (1972- ) - Israel Zinberg
Call Number: 892.409 Z66GEM
ISBN: 0829502289
17 vols. "Intending to give his fellow Russian Jews a broad overview of Jewish cultural history, the author began his Geshikhtefun der Literatur bei Yidn in Russian and revised and completed it in Yiddish [...] It has its flaws, as the translator indicates. Yet it satisfies the cravings of a reading public hungry for the color and vivacity behind the book titles. The translator is to be thanked for giving the English language a history of Jewish literature worthy of the name" (from the Journal of the American Academy of Religion review by Frank Talmage). See also the Isis review by Solomon Gandz, the Journal of the American Academy of Religion review of vols. 3-7, and the Journal of the American Academy of Religion review of vols. 10-12--both by Frank Talmage.
Jewish literature since the Bible (1937-1941) - Leon I. Feuer
Call Number: 892.408 F434J
2 vols. An anthology intended as an introduction to post-Biblical Jewish literature for younger readers.
A history of Jewish literature from the close of the Bible to our own days (1930- ) - Meyer Waxman
Call Number: 892.409 W36h
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