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Hi. Don't edit other users user page. If it's your account, login before editing the page. -- Tegel (disc.) 20:35, 3 gen 2014 (CET)

Block is unfair. -- 14:32, 5 gen 2014 (CET)
In what way? -- Tegel (disc.) 14:33, 5 gen 2014 (CET)
Simply, I have not damaged the project, I was only limited to understand to an user why he's not particularly appreciated in the Italian projects. I have not committed vandalism, if we mean it as deliberate damage to the pages of the ns0. I ask the block is removed and in exchange I promise to stop my activity. Thank you. -- 14:39, 5 gen 2014 (CET)
Can I have a reply, please? -- 14:58, 5 gen 2014 (CET)
Can I have a reply, please, Tegel? -- 00:15, 6 gen 2014 (CET)
Can I have a reply, please, Tegel? -- 17:40, 7 gen 2014 (CET)
You deleted the content of a users user page and replaced it with an inappropriate text. You continued to do so after I told you not to do that. To protect the project from such vandalism your IP-address got blocked. -- Tegel (disc.) 17:57, 7 gen 2014 (CET)
But user pages are not the project (ns0)! -- 18:09, 7 gen 2014 (CET)
It's a page on this wiki. Just the fact that it's not the main area doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want with it. -- Tegel (disc.) 18:13, 7 gen 2014 (CET)
Ok, I understand. If my IP address is not unblocked now, I'll make a block evasion and I'll continue my activity with TOR and more. For a long long long time. Thanks for understanding. -- 18:18, 7 gen 2014 (CET)