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Giacomo Alessandroni
Teacher, Member of Wikimedia “IT” and Vikidia board
I teach and I love do it. I believe that pupils must always surpass teachers. Otherwise, there is no growth.

About me

Hi to all, I'm Giacomo Alessandroni (Italy).

Of course, as you can see by my contributions, I like contemporary history, and several others humanistic issue. Do not hesitate to correct my mistakes if you suspect to find them.

My work

I am an electrical engineer with a Ph.D. in Earth Science, Complexity Sciences; my field of research is Digital Signal Processing. Read my latest papers.

I teach Electronic and Telecommunications at ITIS "Enrico Mattei" in Urbino.


  • My volunteer account is "Galessandroni" on Italian Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, included Vikidia.
  • E-mail: giacomo.alessandroni@vikidia.org
  • Skype: galessandroni
  • Telegram: @galessandroni