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Indice del libro
Indice del libro

This is a test how to add exercise functions to language learning page. See meta:Ultimate_wiktionary_and_language_exercises. This is the page for definig the exercise. For using the exercise follow this experimental Link

Ananas /ananas/

Apfel /apfel/

Äpfel /mele/

Bananen /banane/

Birne /pera/

Birnen /pere/

Brombeeren /more/

Johannisbeeren /ribes/

Kirschen /ciliege/

Kiwis /kwiki/

Mandarine /mandarino/

Mandarinen /mandarini/

Melone /melone/

Melonen /melonen/

Obst /frutta/

Orange /arancia/

Orangen /arance/

Wassermelone /anguria/

Wassermelonen /angurie/

Weintrauben /uva/

Zitrone /limone/

Zitronen /limoni/